Information for Stallholders

At Perth Makers Market we are always on the lookout for new, talented Western Australian makers to come and showcase their wares at our market.

We are strictly a locally handmade only market. If you do not make your products yourself, please do not apply to our events as we hate to disappoint when you do not meet our criteria. If you are unsure if what you do qualifies as handmade please scroll down to our FAQ’s as you will find commonly asked questions there. If you can’t find the answer you seek there, you can always get in touch to ask via our Contact Us section.

New to the world of handmade? Not a problem! Here at Perth Makers Market we are more than happy to help you on your handmade journey and even offer discounts to new and emerging artists*, students and spaces for not-for-profit organisations (at no cost!). We support our makers by helping them gain exposure and furthering their opportunities to develop their brand.

Perth Makers Market is connected with the local community. We take pride in the location of our market and our connections with this community and as such, we ask that all market representatives (makers included) maintain a professional, positive and approachable image and a sense of community at all times during the market.

Please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions for Stallholders before applying, and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

* Conditions apply - please read our Discounts section below.

Upcoming Markets

Market Date Market Hours Location Application Closing Date
07 Nov 2021 9:30AM — 3:30PM Goolugatup Heathcote, 58 Duncraig Road, Applecross Closed
19 Nov 2021 4:00PM — 9:00PM Perth Cultural Centre Closed
19 Dec 2021 9:30AM — 3:30PM Goolugatup Heathcote, 58 Duncraig Road, Applecross Closed

Stall Fees

Playside Outdoor - 3m x 3m ($180.00)

Playside Shared Outdoor - half 3m x 3m ($100.00)

Riverside Outdoor - 3m x 3m ($200.00)

Riverside Shared Outdoor - half 3m x 3m ($120.00)

Central Outdoor - 3m x 3m ($220.00)

Central Shared Outdoor - half 3m x 3m ($140.00)

Cold Sweets Vendor - 3m x 5m ($250.00)

Indoor Large - 2m x 1.5m ($145.00)

Indoor Small - 2m x 0.8m ($120.00)

Veranda Stall - 2m x 0.8m ($120.00)

Twilight Christmas Market Standard - 3m x 3m ($200.00)

Twilight Christmas Market Corner - 3m x 3m ($250.00)

Twilight Christmas Market Shared - half 3m x 3m ($110.00)

When applying for a shared stall you must know who you would like to share with as we do not pair businesses together. All fees are inclusive of GST. You must provide your own complete set up for your stall as Perth Makers Market does not provide these items.

How to Apply

You will need to create your own online business profile via our stallholder portal:

Once you have added all information and images, you will be able to apply for market dates in the section titled “Market Applications – Upcoming Markets”. Click on to the date you are interested in applying for, and then you can apply for the appropriate stall size and any relevant discounts. Once you have completed the application for that date, the date in question will move under the heading “Existing Applications”.


  • Discounts are only available to handmade artisan stalls, not food vendors.
  • You can only apply for one discount type at a time.
  • You must be able to show that you qualify for the discount in order for it to apply.
  • Please be aware that if we request confirmation of your status of a new/emerging artist or student and you fail to provide evidence you will be charged full stall fees.
Student Discount - 50% off

Students can apply for a student discount of 50% to any stall size. There is limited availability for student stalls. Please indicate on your application form your status as a student. You must be able to prove your status as a student for discount to apply by providing proof of enrolment at an educational institution.

New/Emerging Artist Discount - 30% off

Emerging artists and makers can apply for an emerging artist discount of 30% to any stall size. There is limited availability for emerging artist stalls. Please indicate on your application form your status as an emerging artist. You must be able to prove your status as an emerging artist for discount to apply, we do check this.

To qualify for a new/emerging artist discount you must meet the following:

  • Have attended no more than 6 markets within the last 12 months
  • If you sell online (including through social media) you must not have been in operation for more than 12 months
  • If you are stocked in a retail store, you must not have been stocked for more than 6 months

Please contact market management for further information if you wish to clarify if you are eligible for a discount.

Not-for-Profit - 100% off

Not for profit stalls are provided free of charge. Organisations must be able to prove not for profit status. There are a limited number of not for profit stall spaces. All not for profit stall spaces are 3m x 3m outdoor stalls and you must provide your own complete set up for the space including gazebo and weights.

FAQs for Stallholders

1. Do I need to supply my own gazebo?

Yes, you need to provide your own complete set up for your stall including gazebo.

2. Do you provide a tables and chairs for stallholders?

No, Perth Makers Market does not provide tables or chairs for your stall. You will need to provide your own complete set up for your stall including tables and chairs.

3. I’m a student – how do I apply for your student discount?

When applying using our online stallholder portal ( make sure you select the 50% student discount. In order for us to apply it to you we need to see proof of enrolment for you. You can either add this as part of your application as an image, or e-mail a copy of your proof of enrolment to

4. Is there power available?

We do not offer powered stalls due to poor availability/access to power on site at Heathcote. If you require power in order to attend please include this information as part of your application. We have a limited availability to offer power in certain locations and do not wish to run into issues on market day with accepting stallholders who require power that we are then not able to accommodate. Please be aware that if you need power provided by Perth Makers Market in order to run your stall you are less likely to be accepted to our events due to this issue.

5. Can I peg my gazebo into the grass?

Under no circumstances can items be pegged/stuck into the grass at Heathcote. This is a very strict requirement by City of Melville and is part of our conditions in making use of the site. Your gazebo must be weighted with appropriate weights (proper weights that are strapped to your gazebo), items such as bricks placed on the base of your gazebo are not acceptable. This is a safety issue and should market staff find you non-compliant on market day you will be asked to take down your stall and leave our event. If you need advice on where to purchase appropriate gazebo weights please contact us.

6. I design my products however they are handmade by artisans overseas, can I still have a stall at your market?

Perth Makers Market is a strictly locally handmade only market. This means we only accept business who make their own products locally in Western Australia. Unfortunately if you have your products manufactured elsewhere we cannot accept you as a stallholder, regardless of where the products are designed.

7. I’m a photographer so my products are printed elsewhere but I am the one who took the pictures. Does this count as handmade?

In certain product categories such as photography and artwork we will accept stallholders who have their images and artwork printed on to other mediums (within reason) and have multiple copies of their work for sale (art prints etc.) as we recognise that this still counts as handmade as you are the one who has taken the image/produced the artwork.

8. You offer shared stalls? I don’t know anyone to share with, can you pair me with someone?

Unfortunately we do not pair businesses together for a shared stall due to previous poor experiences. If you would like to apply for a shared stall you need to be able to nominate someone to share with, and they also need to apply and nominate to share with you.

9. I make cupcakes/cookies/baked goods, do I apply for a food stall?

Nope! We count pre-made food items as a standard stall type as we acknowledge it is a different type of business with a different price point to those making and serving food on market day. Just apply for a stall and select your category as “food, pre-made”