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Sankofa Forest Natural Deodorant Spray is a hand made product with a unique, foresty smell overlaying a calm, refreshing odor and is suitable for deodorizing all sweaty and smelly spots, including the underarms, feet, groin, hands, and between skin-folds.

It's a gender-neutral, kid-friendly, natural body deodorant hand-made in Fremantle, Australia, by Kwasi and Sonje with inspiration from Ghana, as you'll learn from our story below.

Sankofa's outstanding effectiveness surpasses even many mainstream antiperspirants. Indeed, you'll not find any natural deodorant spray that's more effective than Sankofa Forest. So it's not a surprise that Sankofa's slogan is SIMPLY THE BEST...FORGET THE REST.

We believe in Sankofa's effectiveness so much that we'll encourage you to seek a refund if you aren't supremely protected and you find a more effective natural, deodorant spray.

Sankofa's safe so our five and seven-year-old kids use it for their BO and stinky feet. Both the contents and the bottles have no aluminum. There're also no denatured alcohol, phthalates, parabens, steareths, polysorbates, ammonium, laureth sulfates, triclosan, EDTA, MIT, PEG, phenoxyethanol, and many dangerous chemicals found in mainstream and some natural deodorants.

Sankofa lives up to its reputation by doing exactly what it says it’s going to do - to provide you supreme, natural protection from stinky body odor to a level which no other natural spray can do.

One daily application is what you need for normal activities. One top up before, after, or during vigorous activities will keep your unpleasant smell away for about 30 hours.

Sankofa's been tested only on humans - including ourselves and our friends and families - for nearly two years in five countries and over four continents, including regions that have weather conditions exceeding 90% humidity and 30 oC (86 oF) temperatures.

Kwasi ‘The Stink-man,’ as he usually calls himself, has personally worn Sankofa and traveled to different climatic regions of Australia. He's also worn Sankofa on his trips to Singapore, Thailand, London and Ghana. Whilst traveling, and for more than a year after that, he shaved his right underarm but grew his left underarm hair, as you can see in one of the feature fotos here. Like many users have said, he found Sankofa extremely effective for both shaven and hairy underarms.

There're at least 22 reasons why Sankofa's your ultimate choice.

• The most effective natural deodorant spray you'll encounter on the market worldwide
• Contains natural and organic ingredients
• No aluminum salts, parabens, phthalates, polysorbates, steareths, PEG, MIT, sulfates, denatured alcohol, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanols, formaldehyde, and many dangerous chemicals
• Guaranteed natural protection
• Once a day application for normal and most vigorous activities
• Gentle on all skin types - sensitive, non-sensitive, oily, dry, mature, youthful
• Suitable for all skin colors
• Leaves no residual marks or stains
• A spray, not a deodorant paste - no need to worry about people seeing you digging your hands into your underarms
• Kid-friendly - safe for kids
• Teenagers love the smell and its effectiveness
• Tested only on humans
• Suitable for a wide range of weathers
• Comes in different bottle sizes for your convenience
• Gender neutral - the difficulty of rubbing natural pastes into hairy underarms is over for boys and men
• All ingredients sourced within Australia
• Superior but affordable - value for money
• Safe for the environmental
• Can be tailored to your needs - just flick us an email
• You’re assisting in extending our services to others who have concerns about, or experience health problems when, using antiperspirants but find it hard to change due to high pricing and the
lack of effectiveness of natural deodorants
• 1% of the profit from each bottle you purchase is going to be dedicated to feeding primary school children in deprived communities of Ghana who go to school hungry every morning
• You’re supporting a family-owned, Australian small business - very much appreciated.

Sankofa Forest comes from just 7 group of natural and organic ingredients:

1. Filtered water 2. Organic sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda) 3. Celtic natural sea salt 4. Himalayan pink salt 5. Forest nymph oil (redwood trees, holly bushes, balsam twigs, mosses, eucalyptus leaves, red berries, and cedar fragrance oil notes) 6. Decyl glucoside (from natural sources - coconut or corn) and 7. Essential oils of cedarwood, Melissa leaf, frankincense, mandarin, and lavender.

Growing up in Ghana, we kids in the family usually cleaned our teeth with 'boodobaa,' a natural fibrous paste that we’d prepare by pounding bamboo or coconut charcoal and plantain stalk. Unbeknownst to us, the plantain stalk contained calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients that reduced our plaque acid levels and kept our enamel and teeth strong. No wonder we could crack and chew bones like dogs!

Unfortunately, my underarms weren’t doing as great; they stunk so badly - that was what Dada, my father, always told me anyway. This was disconcerting given that I was required to sell things on the street to supplement the family’s income which involved carrying them on my head with my arms up, exposing my underarms. I couldn’t afford deodorants so I tried my luck with whatever I had and that was the boodobaa. Once I started using boodobaa in my underarms, Dada stopped calling me a ‘stink bug’ so I knew it was working. It was only in recent times that I learned charcoal has deodorizing properties.

I changed from boodobaa to antiperspirants when I went to college. At one point, I was using a different antiperspirant each weekday. Given the rate at which I was using antiperspirants, I wasn’t surprised that, later on, I developed strong sensitivity to them, including contact dermatitis.

Wifey and I quit using antiperspirants and began searching for a safer alternative which felt like revisiting the boodobaa days. We knew we had to change because wifey had noticed our seven-year-old was developing a strong BO - poor boy, I somehow managed to pass my ‘smelly genes’ onto him. Once he became aware of his BO, he began sneaking into the cabinets to try the deodorants we had stashed in there.

Given that we weren’t in Ghana and couldn’t get boodobaa, we decided we’d make the most of the natural things in Australia. This notion of revisiting the past - which is symbolized traditionally by Sankofa, a mythical bird reaching backward to pick up an egg from its back - is very vital to the story. For this reason, we not only incorporated Sankofa into the business logo but we adopted it as the brand name. We also incorporated boodobaa raw materials into the logo.

Our quest for natural deodorants didn’t go well.

First, they were generally ineffective or needed reapplication several times a day. Second, those which were slightly effective were over-priced. Third, they mainly came as a paste, which we found not just unhygienic and a hassle to apply with our fingers and into hairy underarms, but embarrassing to apply in public. Lastly, many contained the same dangerous chemicals we were avoiding.

We began researching and ultimately came up with a natural spray after nearly two years of trying, which the family, including our son and daughter, could safely use. To share the joy of our discovery, we produced a few and handed them out. We were encouraged by the suggestions to produce them for sale because of its supreme effectiveness. And here we are: We listened!

With your involvement, we can sustain this venture into the future for your benefit and for the benefit of others.

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