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Our Partnerships

Make Good Things Happen

Make Good Things Happen is open for business, the subscription-based online educational community for all things independent art and design business.

During the unexpected year of twists and turns that was 2020, the team behind D’Alton Baker Productions (and more recently Craft Swap) have carefully crafted a special service to make running a small creative business that much easier.

With membership to Make Good Things Happen, the independent art and design community of Australia can discover a collection of helpful resources to support their efforts as a small business via a subscription-based system designed especially for them.

Expect instructional videos, downloadable templates, timely advice, the ability to chat with other makers, interesting newsletters and practical hints and tips provided in an easy-to-use interface with exquisite branding.

We are proud to have Make Good Things Happen partner with Perth Makers Market.

Road Safety Commission

As the voice of road safety in Western Australia, the Road Safety Commission is dedicated to tackling road trauma, which is one of the biggest and most sustained causes of death and injury in our community.
Perth Makers Market is proud to partner with the Road Safety Commission to deliver the road safety message at our 25th September market.

Do you know the distance of distraction?
Regardless of the distraction, if you glance away from the road when driving for just two seconds (at 60km/h), you're effectively driving blind for 33 metres.
33 metres is the equivalent of TWENTY SEVEN prams. Did you know this?
Even worse, at 100km/h, you miss 55 metres of road.
It might only be a second or two, but if you’re changing a song on your playlist, finding your sunnies, or even doing your make-up, you’re not looking at the road ahead.
When you're travelling on market day, or any day, please focus on the road ahead and arrive safely at your destination.

Our Sponsors

City of Perth

Perth Makers Market are extremely grateful to be recipients of a City of Perth Sponsorship for our October 28th Halloween Market & November 18th Christmas Market.

The City of Perth is bouncing back with their 2022/23 Grants and Sponsorship program which will offer millions in support for unique initiatives that will revitalise our city and let it shine.

The City is committed to supporting a wide range of activities, projects and programs that benefit our local community and contribute to our aspiration for Perth – Liveable, Sustainable and Prosperous.

Propel Youth Arts

Propel Youth Arts WA is the peak body for youth arts in Western Australia, providing young people aged 12-26 with access and opportunities to engage with arts and culture on their own terms.
Propel is a membership-based not-for-profit incorporated association established in 2003 as the Youth Arts Network and formerly known as Propelarts. Propel services young people by connecting artists, youth workers, practitioners, and communities with relevant organisations.

Providing services and programs across all art forms, Propel strengthens our future creative communities by providing access to information, networks, mentoring, skills development, and employment in the arts and creative industries to young people and those who work with them. Propel is focused on arts advocacy, skills development, and access to opportunities, for those already engaged in the arts and those who would like to be.

We are proud to have Propel Youth Arts sponsoring 2 musician stages at each Perth Makers Market event in 2022.

Our partnerships

D'Alton Baker Productions

D’Alton Baker Productions is a Partnership between Angela D’Alton and Renée Baker.

DBP merges these powerhouses of the Australian maker community and their combined experience into a mega-tenacious, unafraid and enthusiastic crew of two.

DBP provides high-quality customised mentorship services to the community of independent makers, designers and artists of Australia. Whether you’d like an online shop critique, guidance with your social media presence, tips on hosting a stall at design markets or general advice from those in the know, DBP are the industry go-to for support.

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How to get involved with Perth Makers Market

We are always looking for partners, collaborators and sponsors! If you want to contribute to reaching our overall mission to elevate the ‘support local’ mentality in Western Australia, please get in touch!

We can offer our partners and sponsors coverage on our established social media accounts, discounted rates to our markets and workshops, and more!