Viajera Designs

Viajera Designs is stylish, handmade jewellery inspired by people and places around the globe with a modern twist.

Viajera means 'traveller' in Spanish, marking the start of my passion for jewellery making, ignited in a silversmith workshop in Taxco, Mexico and cemented when picking up my first beads in a shop in Cusco, Peru.

As I like to have stand-out jewellery with a story, many of my pieces are one of a kind. However, there's a similarity to their style - I like to balance chunky, rough cut gemstones in delicate finished items. The result: statement pieces that will stand out even when worn casually.

I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can be, so wherever possible I use recycled silver products (where old silver pieces/ silver scraps are melted and reused) and you won't find any plastic wrapping!

Appearing at Upcoming Markets

December 2018
Dec. 16, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross

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