Neilson Estate Wines

Neilson Estate Wines (NEW)

We are a family owned and operated vineyard and boutique winery located in Perth’s historic Swan Valley. We make red, white and fortified wines from our own grapes. The reds are Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet/Merlot and the whites are dry Verdelho and Autumn Harvest. We also make a range of fortified wines including Tawny Port, White Port (Liqueur Verdelho), Pedro Ximenez, Muscat Frontignac and Liqueur Muscat.
Our motto is try something NEW.
So, come and visit us for a taste sensation

Previous Appearances

May 2018
May 20, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross
April 2018
April 8, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross
December 2017 Market
Dec. 17, 2017 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct