The Gallery J

I always loved creating things since i was very little. I used to sew skirts for my dolls, make greeting cards and my passion for jewelry making grew when i created my first piece at the age of 14. I kept on learning new skills and moved to Perth in 2014 for further studies. This is when The Gallery J was born.

' The Gallery J ' came from my name Joanna but mostly from the importance my sisters had in encouraging me to pursue what i love to do. Fun fact, all of our names start with a J and we were all born in the months of January, June and July, what a coincidence! Another reason to strengthen my business name.

My label is strongly influenced by my experiences of travel and floral themes. The story behind The Gallery J is mainly the implementation of diverse skills into unique products. Like an art gallery, my eshop offers jewelry, flower frames and dried floral bouquets.

All my products are lovingly made in Australia and i am so grateful to everyone who made this possible. My passion for crafting grows everyday as i create new pieces in my studio.

Appearing at Upcoming Markets

Previous Appearances

November 17th Perth Christmas Market
Nov. 17, 2017 at Perth CBD