Spicy Bites Oz

Food is love. Food is magic! We are passionate about the food that we serve our foodies. We start from making all the souce from scratch and blending and roasting spices together. The fresh and local produce adds that homliness. The traditional home style of Bangladeshi cooking that has our fans raving. We have a very extinsive Gluten Free and Vagan option to give choice to the mordern foodie. We often get people who are passionate cooks telling us how wonderful our spice blends are. Bangladeshi is food is about taste . there is a local saying Bangladeshi people are known for "Devotion to their tounge" ( taste). Why not check our Facebook to see why Perth food lovers all over is so excited about Spicy Bites. We like to say you just have to "Taste that Feeling"

Previous Appearances

February 2018
Feb. 25, 2018 at Heathcote Cultural Precinct Applecross