Meet the Maker: Oily Fig Aromatherapy
Essential Oils and Wellness, home-made. 

Nikki Fulcher has always loved the amazing health benefits of using plant oils for wellness, and decided to start her own small business journey after her regular Pilates clients started asking where she was getting her oils from. 
Her family and friends have been very supportive, and they encouraged her to start making more oils so everyone could enjoy these interesting blends as much as they do. 
Oily Fig Aromatherapy was born.

Nikki works from home and only makes her blends from the highest quality essential oils. To make a blend she will always have a purpose for using each individual oil. She thoroughly investigates the properties of the essential oils and determines on a case by case basis whether each oil would suit the blend she wants to make. She then starts experimenting with oil recipes until she finds just the right one. 
Her candles are also hand made by her from her home, only using the highest quality soy wax. She experiments a lot with fragrances before she decides if she is going to turn it into a candle.

Nikki runs two small businesses from home. She is a long time at home Pilates coach and has always used her made up oils to fragrance the room. Now she also makes and sells these unique blends. 
Creating a small business is very hard. Keeping up with social media and trying to work out what her future customers will want has been a big challenge for Nikki. The biggest challenge, however, is sourcing the best possible ingredients, and managing her time between her businesses. 

Nikki wants to continue to grow the Oily Fig Aromatherapy product range, and increase customer awareness of her business through Social Media. Eventually she would love to have a solid in person retail presence as well as online. 
Nikki has been attending Perth Makers Market for the last couple of years as a customer. She knows that, when she buys something from this market, she will be purchasing a high-quality product. Nikki loves that there is always an amazing range of different stalls.
Thank you Nikki! We are very excited to have you as a first-time stallholder at our market this Sunday, at Goolugatup Heathcote from 9.30am – 3.30pm!

To celebrate Market Day with Oily Fig Aromatherapy. Visit their website and enter the promo code CELEBRATE23 to receive 15% off your purchase when you spend $50 or more. Offer valid till March 5th 2023.