Kalyu Print

Kalyu (water) artwork is a limited edition (200) print, a reproduction of the original painting Kalyu 2014.

This painting was created by senior Martu artists in Parnngurr and depicts the Martu Native Title determination area in its entirety. While the painting references many aspects of Martu land management and ecological systems the focus of the painting is Kalyu (water). Buried deep below the obvious painted surface and the visible ground surface of the Martu desert lies a vast water table beyond the comprehension of the non Martu viewer. The visual depiction of the water table has been buried deep by layers of paint and story and vegetation but it is there. Kalyu (water) and the many forms of its existence are essential to life in the desert.This painting confirms these artists understanding of this country and their obligation to look after it. They are responsible for its well being, just as their ancestors were and their descendants will be.

Previous Appearances

Twilight at Yagan Square - May Edition
May 3, 2019 at Yagan Square
KickstART Festival Market
April 13, 2019 at Perth Cultural Centre