Meet The Maker!

We sat down with Taylor from Melt. & Co to chat about her business and how she became a maker! 

"As a self confessed candle addict, I found myself constantly on the search for the perfect candle but struggled to find THE ONE. 

I tried all sorts of candles - pretty ones that looked great but didn't throw scent, smelly ones that were expensive or hard to find, and then some that looked pretty and smelled great but struggled to burn cleanly. With each candle 'I finished', I felt horribly guilty throwing the container in the bin but didn't know what to do with them...

All throughout my search for the perfect candle, I kept thinking to myself, surely I can create something that's not only beautiful but smells amazing and can be reused.... 

So in late 2019, Melt. & Co was born. I found that by using a 100% natural coconut soy wax, wooden wicks, and high quality fragrances, not only did my candle fill the large open-plan rooms of my home but could be reused so easily! 

There were no soot marks, my wax melted away cleanly, and at the end of the candles burn-life, all I had to do was empty any remaining wax into the bin, wipe my jar clean, wash with warm soapy water and fill it up again. 

My passion for burning candles has manifested into a passion for making candles. Whether you love fruity, earthy, herbal or sweet, Melt. & Co has a scent for you. 

I love custom orders - no idea is too 'crazy'. I also love BYO refills - seeing other candle lovers reuse their jars is just our little way of helping nurture this beautiful planet we get to call home. But most of all, I love connecting with each and every one of you each time you visit me at a market, send me a DM on insta, or touch base for refills." 

Your advice for other makers?

You'll always figure out a way to make things work if you're doing something you love. Be creative, explore your passions and have fun on the journey.

That is exactly what Taylor from Melt & Co did laughing her dream in 2018.

What do you love most about Perth Makers Market?

"Everyone who comes to see me at my stall - I love seeing familiar faces from prior markets. Also, my fellow creatives, as well as the many hands that make the Perth Makers Market a possibility each month. Without all of them, we wouldn't have these markets to enjoy." 

What do you love most about Perth Makers Market?

"The variety of people who come and buy our jewellery. Also, seeing the bright smile on people's faces having just bought one of our creations and treasuring their purchase."