Got plans yet for the WA Day long weekend? Well - pencil us in!
Disappointed that you didn't make our last market? Don't worry - we have TWO events for you to choose from to attend over the WA Day long weekend! Read on to learn more and to learn about Leah from Lossie Made.

We are over the moon to have been asked to be involved with the WA Day Festivals that are taking place over the WA Day Long Weekend. 

On Sunday June 4th we will be at Elizabeth Quay from 10:00am - 7:00pm under the big circus tent in the centre of the quay. To learn more about the event, head to the Celebrate WA website or our Facebook event.

On Monday June 5th we will be at the Fremantle Esplanade Reserve from 10:00am - 4:00pm near the kids playground. To learn more about the event, head to the Celebrate WA website or our Facebook event.

We will have over 50 stallholders each day - and the stallholders differ from Elizabeth Quay to Fremantle! With lots of family friendly activities, food, live music - and of course our handmade artisan stalls these festivals are a great day out for the whole family.
Leah Osborn - the owner and maker behind Lossie Made

Meet Leah Osborn who is the maker behind Lossie Made.

Leah is an amazing designer and maker of bags, toys and other gifts. Lossie Made has now been running full steam ahead for 4 years full time, though Leah did customs, special orders and sewing for gifts etc. before then.

How did you end up starting your own business?
I have always been ‘crafty’.  Besides bags, I sew clothes, quilt, knit, crochet - I always have something on the go.  There were more projects I wanted to do than I could gift away, and friends started asking me to make things for them, on the condition that they paid me!  Then about 4 years ago I purchased on existing online fabric store, and besides still selling the fabric online, I used this to start Lossie Made officially, building stock and selling to the general public through markets.

What inspires you?
Patterns and fabric! The pattern designers are fabulous geniuses, and are always releasing new patterns that I am dying to try.  Its the same with fabric - I can never have enough and there is always some new print that catches my eye.  Although a fairly neutral person myself, I love using prints in my bags.
Where do you do your work?
I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated room in our house for my ‘studio’.  A good thing too, because I own 4 sewing machines!! However, in the lead up to a market or event where I am prepping stock, I inevitably spill over onto the pool table in the main room - it is a fantastic cutting table!

What do you dream of for your business?
I would like to build my brand more, getting my name better known, so thatI can eventually move more towards custom orders and expand more into the luxury market - leather and premium fabrics.  That being said, I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating ‘stock’ items, as I can’t resist making items that I love. Sometimes custom orders can be a bit restrictive, because you are working towards a brief, but I try not to take on anything that I don’t want to sew or if I know I won’t love the end product. 

Do you have any makers who particularly inspire you?
I have a core of 3 pattern designers that I use regularly - Swoon Patterns, Little Moo Designs, and Emkie Designs.  They are really the basis of my business, without their creativity I wouldn’t have anything to make since I am not great at pattern designing myself.  I follow their groups on Facebook and Instagram, and it is amazing to see how other people adapt, adjust and embellish the same bag.

In terms of other bag makers - Twirl Girl Boutique (Vic), Diedelbug Handmade (US), and Sincerely Jen (US) are amazing - the work they create is so professional, beautiful and creative.   I always look at my work with a critical eye, but I aspire to create bags to their level, and it really is my benchmark on whether something is ready to sell.
Why bags and toys? What started you on your journey? 
Pictures on Facebook actually. I was scrolling my newsfeed one morning and saw a picture of a bag someone had made.  My friend was expecting a baby at the time, and I thought I could give that a go as a present for her.  It turned out well, so I tried another pattern, then another…..

I started out sewing clothes, then quilting.  Bags really were a combination of the two, and are a lot more fun than clothes (I don’t have to finish any seams!).  The toys really came about from trying out something new, and really started as gift items for friends.  Sometimes clients will want a baby bag with a matching softie, but really the two remain quite seperate.

Sometimes I need a break however from doing the same thing, so branch out into other areas - hence the toys and towels etc. Again, inspired by pictures/patterns I have seen and given a go myself.

Are there any words of wisdom you have to share with fellow makers?
Make what you love.  In the past I’ve taken commissions for items that weren’t really ‘me’, and I didn’t get much joy from making them.  The end result, whilst still good quality, wan’t something I particularly wanted to put my name on.  Same for some of my stock items - I tried to cater to what I thought people wanted. I found I wasn’t that enthusiastic about selling/promoting them. Now I stick to what I want to make. If somebody asks me for a custom and it is something I don’t think I’d love, I will offer suggestions, or direct them to other makers that would be a better fit. I don’t think this should ever be a ‘job’, and I genuinely love every item I create.


Make sure you check out Lossie Made at our upcoming Market at the WA Day Festival event in Fremantle on June 5th!

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